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Touch 'Em All

Short Stories & Observations
from America and its Pastime

Travis Parker Smith

Ingram, 2018

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About the book:

30 ballparks, 4 teenage boys, 2 months, 1 rickety Old Van. Batter up.

In the summer of 2011, four high school graduates from Seattle took off in a decaying hippie bus to try and see a baseball game in every Major League ballpark. Yet as the miles rolled on and the temperature outside increased, the many stresses of life on the road and intimidation brought on by an imminent departure for college made their way into The Van and the minds of its naive occupants, turning the journey into something far more than a trip around the country. What emerged was a new perspective on the nature of childhood friendships, an increased appreciation for the many wonders of baseball, and a tale that appeals to sport lovers and road trippers alike.

Part ballpark handbook, part coming-of-age narrative, Touch ’em All is a collection of short stories that range from educating to entertaining and combine together to offer a juvenile view of America through its Present and Pastime.

Sample Sections:

About the author:

Travis Parker Smith is a young-thirties millennial living, working, and writing in Washington, DC. While Touch ’em All is his first long-form work to be published, Travis has been working as a writer and editor for the greater part of the past decade. While his main work primarily points him in the direction of European politics, culture, and diplomacy, his passion beyond the office walls is baseball: Travis remains and shall forever remain a die-hard fan of the Seattle Mariners…which means he dies a lot.

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