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Baseball Projects

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Touch 'Em All


Published in 2018, this 310-page novel traces the tale of four high school graduates who set out one summer in a rickety old hippie bus to see a game in every MLB ballpark. Part ballpark handbook, part coming-of-age narrative, Touch ’em All is a collection of short stories that range from educating to entertaining and combine together to offer a juvenile view of America through its Present and Pastime.

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Ballpark Banter Podcast

Director, Host, & Audio Producer

A 30-part podcast series that explores the history, features, and unique facts about every Major League Baseball stadium. Originally produced in 2021, the Ballpark Banter Podcast has seen over 5,000 unique downloads and has returned for a second season, featuring updated statistics and new voices speaking on MLB ballparks.

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Mariner Muse

Manager, Editor, & Host

Originally started as a newsletter, this passion project now thrives as an engagement community on Twitter, dedicated solely to showing love for the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Over 16,000 followers now tune in for game analysis, reporting, and weekly Spaces where fans can discuss their opinions on the team and love for baseball in general.

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