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Ballpark Banter Podcast

Exploring the 30 ballparks of Major League Baseball

A 30-part podcast series that takes a deep dive into each MLB ballpark, giving listeners a history of each before examining the facts, figures, and fun anecdotes that make them all unique. 

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Giving us a good review is the best way to support our efforts. But if you're feeling generous, you can donate to us via PayPal, or purchase the book!

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The Book

The inspiration for our show and history of our ballpark fascination is captured in the book Touch 'Em All: Short Stories & Observations From America and Its Pastime.

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About the podcast:

Host & Producer: Travis Parker Smith
Co-Host: Kellan Larson

Once upon a time, Travis Parker Smith, Kellan Larson, Kendal Young, and Jack Wilson set out across the country in a rickety old hippie bus to see a baseball game in every Major League ballpark. Shamelessly calling themselves the “Ballpark Boys,” their visits to the temples of America’s Pastime brought forth newfound appreciation for the individuality of stadiums and the impact each has on gameplay, which is captured in the book “Touch ‘Em All.


A decade later, the same four launched a podcast tracing the original path of their journey and providing a deeper dive into every ballpark, to give listeners an idea of what it is like to catch a game there. Now, Travis and Kellan are bringing the show back with updated statistics, better production quality, and more research into the history of each park and the many elements that make it unique.

Why ballparks? Unlike other sports, baseball is played in stadiums that have minimal dimensional requirements. Each ballpark must have a diamond with bases that are 90 feet apart and a mound that is 60 feet 6 inches from home plate...and that's pretty much it! This lack of restrictions leaves room for creativity, allowing each ballpark to showcase individuality with varying playing surfaces, outfield dimensions, fence heights, wall material and more—all of which alters gameplay depending on which park you're at, and makes a visit to each all the more interesting.


Don't worry if you're wondering! Take a listen; we'll explain it all.


Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Have questions about an episode? Or maybe you just want to chat about ballparks in general? Email us:

ballparkbanterpodcast [at]

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